About Us

Who We Are

CANADIAN INVESTMENT TEAM INC., is a  company aimed at facilitating foreign direct investment to spur economy growth in Latin America. Through strong collaboration with public and private partners, we are your primary point of contact. We provide guidance, information and connections to accelerate your investments  expansion decisions.

CANADIAN INVESTMENT TEAM INC., is a company focused on delivering solutions in mining business processes and other business units in the field of commodities, according to the need and tailored to each client, integrating partnerships with large investments and investors, specialized companies, suppliers and the collaboration of professionals, consultants with vast experience in the market.


Regulatory efficiency.

Operating business is complex and it is also important to understand the regulatory environment to which international business law is subject, these are governed by dozens of laws and regulations on a broad spectrum of issues. The regulation of commercial activity is primarily the responsibility of governments.

From the proposal, the development and operation phases, until the closing, the international business must comply with a series of laws and governmental regulations:

Law of Protection of mediators, Management Plan and business closings.

At Canadian Investment Team (CIT), we know the processes and protocols, and every management of our business we do with all the transparency of due diligence. The legal and commercial legal frameworks are carefully completed.

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