Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility:

We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. “Good actions carried out by good reasons generally generate good results over time.” Therefore, CANADIAN INVESTMENT TEAM INC. aligns strategies with companies that carry out the following roadmap:

  • Compliance with legislation.
  • Global and transversal.
  • Ethics and coherence.
  • Impact management.
  • Satisfaction of expectations and needs.

The Canadian mining industry knows that there is a right way and wrong way to operate. Doing it correctly creates trust between communities and decision makers, and reduces the key risks for the company, both critical elements for the final outcome of a company.

The mining business carries great responsibility to the communities surrounding the operations and the environment. The nature of mining is complex and so is the integration of corporate responsibility (CR) into the core of a company to enact significant changes. When done effectively, sound CR practices can help a mining company maintain its privilege to operate.

At home and abroad, the Canadian mining industry has made significant progress in the last decade in terms of environmental and social responsibility. Canadian mining pioneered the first performance system with external RC verification for the world and the only one implemented at the mine site: the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative. Participation in TSM is mandatory for all Canadian operations, and many have voluntarily applied the program at their overseas mines. Since the creation of TSM, there have been notable advances in the way our members engage with their communities, manage environmental risks and increase energy efficiency in their facilities.

CANADIAN INVESTMENT TEAM INC., is also making positive inroads to address key issues that arise internationally, especially in developing countries where Canadian mining companies are more likely to face problems related to corruption, violations and conflicts of interest. human rights and weak governance.

In the same way, we conduct ourselves corporately in all the different business units our portfolio.  At CANADIAN INVESTMENT TEAM  INC., We talk making it a reality.

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