Medicinal Cannabis Projects

We have medical cannabis projects for investors, with all the licenses updated.  Medical cannabis projects in Latin America The medical cannabis market in Latin America is expected to be worth $8.5bn in 2028. Health Europa explores the industry, highlighting the main drivers in the rising economy.

Latin America is emerging as one of the key players in the medicinal cannabis industry, particularly on the growing and agricultural side of business. Although Canada has always been dominant in the medical cannabis market, this is now under threat, and many Canadian companies are looking at moving south and working with Latin American suppliers.

The latest figures on the state of the Latin American legal cannabis market estimate the region’s value at $125m (~€111m) in 2018 and $12.7bn in 2028 of this, the medical cannabis market is forecast to be worth $8.5bn in a decade, approximately two-thirds of the total value of Latin America’s cannabis market.

Health Europa examines the Latin American medical cannabis market, highlighting the main drivers of the rising economy in Latin America.

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