Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (PCHs).

The participation of hydroelectric generation in the Latin American energy supply is more than 99% of the alternatives of renewable source, and of these, the hydroelectric projects without reservoir, which take advantage of surpluses or edges of water, are considered by several experts as the future of power generation. They have several characteristics in their favor, they are more friendly to the environment and require a much smaller investment. Its construction is fast, a 20 MW power plant can take between 24 and 30 months. Simply take advantage of a constant flow of the river, to capture the water and after a previous treatment take it by a small pipeline to a hydraulic turbines. Colombia has in various regions the topographic and flow characteristics that allow it to guarantee good hydropower potential at the edge of water. Studies of the Upme (Unit of Energy Planning) have indicated a high potential throughout the hydrographic area of ​​Magdalena and Cauca, as well as in the basins of the Orinoquía and the Amazon.

More and more investment groups are investing in this business sector. The profitability of the investment is maximum and totally safe.

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