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News About Mining. FOR THE SPECIALIZED CONSULTANT IN THE MINING THEME, DR NICOLÁS SALAZAR SIERRA, MINING CONSULTANT FOR LATIN AMERICA. The figures projected by the government and large mining companies in Ecuador are billionaires. During these months, the strategic projects Mirador and Fruta del Norte will be operational. The Cascabel project “the largest in the […]

About The Coltan

About The Coltan What is coltan? It’s where tantalum and niobium come from The mineral coltan is one of the resources that is playing an important role in the technological revolution. Coltan itself is a vessel for technology minerals tantalum and niobium. Coltan, or columbite tantalite, is an ore from which niobium and tantalum are […]


Three New Ports In The Country. In Córdoba, Antioquia and Buenaventura modern marine terminals will be built. The maritime port infrastructure will be expanded with three new handsets that national infrastructure agency (ANI) expects concession this year. In the final steps, for future contracts are Graneles Gulf ports to be built in the Gulf of […]

Small hydroelectric dams increase globally with little research, regulations Michelle Ma UW News

Small hydroelectric dams increase globally with little research, regulations. Michelle Ma – UW News A small hydropower dam on Rutherford Creek in British Columbia, Canada. This dam produces 49 megawatts of power.Rylee Murray Hydropower dams may conjure images of the massive Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state or the Three Gorges Dam in Hubei, China […]

Latin America A Market Full Of Business Opportunities.

Latin America A Market Full Of Business Opportunities. The opening of new emerging markets and the new opportunities that arise in developed countries have meant that European exports remain positive. In particular, Spain shows some really encouraging results in this regard. Emerging markets in particular, provide exporting companies with a competitive advantage. Achieving it is […]

Rehabilitate, Repower, Modernize: The New Frontier For Hydroelectric Plants In Latin America

Rehabilitate, repower, modernize: the new frontier for hydroelectric plants in Latin America. By Arturo D. Alarcón. The first hydroelectric project financed by the IDB was the Acaray hydroelectric plant in Paraguay. It started operating in 1968, almost 50 years ago. It is still operating, and it is expected that it can operate another 30, 40 […]

Budget 2019 Positive For Canada’s Mining Sector

Budget 2019 Positive for Canada’s Mining Sector. Budget Promises Skills Training and Important Northern Focus; both Critically Important to the Mining Industry. The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) welcomes today’s federal budget, which includes several commitments that will provide much needed supports for the country’s minerals and metals industry, one of the most significant contributors […]

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